We Are Now Offering Telemedicine Visits for Certain Conditions

What you need to know about Telemedicine

  1. Telemedicine visits are available for most patients but not all. Please call our office to determine if your visit can be converted to a Telemedicine Visit.
  1. To do a Telemedicine Visit you must:
    1. Have a computer or cellphone with a camera.
    2. You will be sent a link by email for your provider.
    3. Sign a Telemedicine Consent Form prior to your visit.
    4. Pay your co-pay prior to your visit. The office will call you to set this up.
  1. You will be required to provide vital signs. These include:
    1. Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.
    2. You will need have a blood pressure machine at home.
    3. You may also need a tape measure like the one pictured here Tape Measure


To set up an acount on the Loudoun Medical Group patient portal Click Here for instructions and videos

To go to the Loudoun Medical Group Patient Portal Click Here.

To go to Click Here.

Click Here for the Telemedicine Consent Form