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4 thoughts on “Testimonials and Reviews

  1. For five years I have been unable to walk without pain, or without limping. My doctors told me there was little they could do to fix it without considerable risk. Then, although Dr; Sahgal was putting in stents to clear a blockage, he told me he thought I’d be able to walk after the procedure. I told him I was sure he was wrong. I’ve been walking without pain, ever since. Three days later, after finding a 99% blockage in my carotid artery, he performed a complicated surgery and I was out of the hospital the next day. His staff know what they’re doing. Dr. Physician Assistant Carlee is super-competent. I can walk and I’m alive. Not bad. Lucky Severson

  2. I can’t say enough good things about the excellent care I received from Dr. Sahgal. He is a true professional and a very caring and compassionate Vascular Surgeon. Although for me it was a 140 mile round-trip drive to go to his office; finding an excellent doctor is so worth it. I highly recommend Dr Sahgal to everyone.

  3. Dr. Podolsky has a no nonsense approach to one’s care. He’s an excellent doctor/surgeon and anyone who is lucky enough to be in his care should feel 100% guaranteed that they will receive the best treatment available. I’ve been a patient now for five years. Before seeing Dr. Podolsky, I saw a couple of Vascular doctors. None of which could pinpoint the exact cause for my inability to walk a short distance without having to stop because of the pain. As soon as I was seen by Podolsky and examined, he was able to pinpoint right away what my problem really was… Of course, right away, he sent me for the necessary testing to confirm his DX and he was right on target. He is very thorough in explaining in layman terms, what exactly is going on with you. His staff, especially Kathy, is phenomenal as well as very professional. They compliment the entire atmosphere of professionalism expected, no doubt, from the outstanding care given by their top doctor, Dr. Podolsky. Thank you, Dr. Podolsky for your great care. My husband and I are eternally grateful. And, thank you, Kathy for always being able to answer any questions or concerns we’ve had with Insurance, etc. You are always so personable and easy to talk to… Thank you all…

  4. I felt very comfortable with the friendly but professional staff, in addition to being comfortable in the environment knowing I was receiving excellent care.

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