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PAD Awareness Month

September is PAD awareness month.  PAD stands for Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Below is a brief explanation of PAD from the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS).

What is PAD?

“Hardening of the arteries” is a common disease that causes arteries to become clogged with plaque, much like old water pipes can become clogged with lime. The condition can cause heart attacks and strokes, but another effect of cardiovascular disease is peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which affects the extremities, usually the toes, feet and legs. If you have PAD, you most likely have artery disease throughout the body.

Patients with PAD may have no symptoms at all, but can have pain in the feet, pain when walking, numbness in the feet and other symptoms. If the disease gets worse, patients may face amputation. Below are some information resources for patients and families.

You can also watch the following video.


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