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New Discovery in Vascular Disease Treatment?

Researchers at Yale might have discovered a key protein that could be helpful in the management of vascular disease.

By studying factors that cause narrowing in the aorta, they found a protein called integrin beta3 to be high in the tissue of patients and mice who have a condition called supravalvular aortic stenosis with a genetic defect in the gene encoding elastin.  Elastin is an important protein that helps arteries to contract and relax when blood is pumped through them.

The researchers found by inhibiting the activity of the integrin beta3 protein, the narrowing in the blood vessels eased and widened.  The article stated:

The study results promise to lead to medical therapies that would replace or at least delay major surgery or other invasive treatments, which are the only current options for patients, say the investigators.

To read the full article, please click here Research in the news: Study pinpoints key protein in a severe vascular disease.


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